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Eurecam Office
Eurecam : Bâtiment 9, 6 avenue des andes, 91940 Les Ulis

Eurecam is a French designer and manufacturer of People counting sensors

Eurecam was created in 2005 by 2 engineers specialised in electronics and video processing algorithms. Their know-how led to the emergence of a competing company, which continues to innovate and offers solutions intended for video-based people counting.

Eurecam activity consists in producing and diversifying people counting systems in order to provide innovative products and specific electronic engineering to the market.

Our company is located in the area of Paris - Saclay, an outstanding center of science and technology development.

Institutional Partners

People Counting

  • 3D Sensors

  • 3D technology

  • 2D sensors

  • 2D technology

  • Softwares and API

    Counting People Software

Made in France

Our range of products is designed, developped and manufactured in France. All the devices (electronics and software) are designed by our R&D team in our premises next to Paris.

Worldwide network of partners

Thanks to our network (distributors and specialised integrators), we have many references around the world.

If you are final user, distributor, integrator or prescriber, our experts will lead you in your choice and the implementation of the most suitable solution for your needs.

+Easy installation

High accuracy

Easy integration

Ethernet POE

No video recording

A dedicated computer isn't mandatory

+Friendly integration for developpers

You have your own software (or want to create it) ?

Eurecam provides you the elements to integrate counting data from our device directly in your application.

The best counting solution for every purpose


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Electronic engineering

  • Data collector

    This module collects and analyses the real time attendance level of some sites. Thanks to a GPRS connexion, these data are sent to an analysis server.

    Data collector
  • Medical acquistion board

    This board measures the pressure. Our know-how consisted in making these measures with a high frequency and with a good accuracy.

    Medical acquistion board
  • Temperature Probe

    This board measures the temperature and sends the data to a web server. The system is very compact and has a good battery life.

    Temperature Probe
  • Railway monitoring system

    This device measures the state of catenaries (correlation of the pressure - length - temperature) then send an alert if there is a problem.

    Railway monitoring system
  • Lighting interface

    This system was designed to make the interface between a computing system and urban lighting system.

    Lighting interface
  • Integration example

    To finalize the project of data collector, with our specialised subcontractor, we conceived a flat and friendly to use box.

    Integration example
  • Power charger

    This system, fully embedded in a suitcase, is a power charger for electronic voting devices with charging controller.

    Power charger
  • Price controller

    This system works autonomously thanks to the solar energy. It allows to collect and to post price lists on a totem similar to those of the gas stations.

    Pricer controler

We can manage all the steps from the conception of a prototype up to mass manufacturing.

Our R&D and our electronic laboratory teams co-operate to provide you with a complete solution to fulfill your requirements.

After analyzing your needs, we build up and put forward solutions, in order to conceive and manufacture a system, which meets your expectations.

+Our know how

Video processing

Embedded systems

FPGA and microcontrollers

Smart communication devices

"Green" product with low consumption (solar panel ready)


6 avenue des Andes, Bâtiment n°9
91940 Les Ulis - FRANCE
Tel: +33 1 69 28 27 50
Fax: +33 1 69 20 13 89
6 avenue des Andes - Bât 9, 91940 Les Ulis, FRANCE

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